How to use the app

Download the TutorLoL [App]

Open TutorLoL.msi.

It is required to Login into TutorLoL.

After these steps, you need to enter a game in League of Legends.

When leaving the champion selection, go to TutorLoL [App] and click in "New Game".

If necessary, input the code shown on TutorLoL [App] inside the box in Gamepage to sync your summoner name to your Google account.

After that, wait until the page loads your live game data.

Extra Information

Everytime you play in any other League of Legends account, you will need to input the code again. If you use the same account, the next time you load the Gamepage, game information will show automatically.

After every game ending, press the button "Stop" and then "New Game" to display a new game in Gamepage

Warning LoLAPP possible issues

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